Giant 210-inch Buck Killed in Saskatchewan

Most every hunting adventure I embark on usually ends with more memories of the people and places that I encounter along the way than the animals harvested. Last week I returned from my most recent cross country run to Saskatchewan with Jim Shockey Whitetail Adventures to an email that definitely reaffirmed said notion.

On the flight from Minneapolis, Minn., to Saskatchewan I got the pleasure to sit beside a fellow hunter from the East coast. Our introduction was quite brief but we soon struck up a conversation that consisted of sports and, of course, deer hunting. Greg, who was bringing his young son to the "Land of the Giants" for the first time, seemed like dedicated hunter who loved to talk shop. I slid him a business card and we parted ways after landing. I thought nothing more of it.

I received this email today:

Greetings.  It was nice to meet you on the plane to Saskatchewan.  I hope
you had a great time at Shockey's camp.  I am basically writing to brag.  As
you know, we had 7 hunters in our group and all but one, who chose to pass
on a number of bucks, filled their tags.  You may recall that I had my son
plus his cousin along on this trip, and they both got bucks.

 Jake, my son, shot early at what was the biggest buck of the day, but it didn't score too
high.  He was a bit miffed at himself for not holding off longer.  His
cousin, Adam held out till the fourth day when he connected with a  145", 10
pt.  I wish it had been my son, who killed the last buck of the hunt, but it
was me.. I harvested a buck of a lifetime!  The preliminary gross score is -
210 & 3/8ths.  It was a fantastic experience.

Greg Barsigian


Greg's Son

The bottom line is that Greg tipped over a giant whitetail of almost unspeakable size. This pig reminds me of the famous Milo Hanson Buck in almost every way. A picket fence typical with horns so damn thick he probably couldn't find enough measuring tape.

Congratulations go out to Greg and his son for such an amazing feat. We'll have more to come later this week. Stay tuned to read the whole story.


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5 Responses to Giant 210-inch Buck Killed in Saskatchewan

Tom Foy wrote:
February 01, 2012

I've known Greg for over 40 years, he hunts hard and is deserving of a trophy like this.

Matthew Wood wrote:
November 19, 2010

WOW, what a deer!!

Todd Landers wrote:
November 18, 2010

Awesome Buck!!! I gotta get up there some day.

Jason wrote:
November 18, 2010

What a great deer! I want to hear more about it. Where was it killed in Sask?

Adam Cosden wrote:
November 16, 2010

Good story Benny!