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George Soros' Evil Plot to Kill Gun Industry?

An Internet rumor says anti-gunner George Soros owns many gun companies. Is it true?

By Jeff Johnston

The Nasty Internet Rumor: You might have seen the recent Internet rumor that says anti-gun billionaire George Soros owns Cerberus (the private equity firm that owns The Freedom Group, a holding company that has acquired many gun, ammo and firearm accessory companies including Remington, DPMS, Barnes Bullets and others) and plans on bankrupting it in an evil plot to rid the world of guns.

The Expert Differral: Since NRA-ILA executives have the clout to contact Cerberus executives, they did just that. Read what they found in the official NRA-ILA press release.

The Facts: The Internet rumor is baseless and false. Soros does NOT own Cerberus.

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1 Response to George Soros' Evil Plot to Kill Gun Industry?

H Gilmore wrote:
November 17, 2011

I got that email, glad you cleared it up.