Quest for 450: Florida Bound—Finally!

After making final preparations and enjoying a hunt with biologist friend Ryan Prince, Mike Pentecost is finally Florida bound. Mike got the camera he had ordered in operational mode and lined up the camera guy to run it. The lack of a camera has already put him a week behind in his quest to kill 11 birds this season for a lifetime total of 450 turkeys before he is 50 years old.

Originally, Mike had planned on hitting Florida a week ago, and without the camera and to film his hunts, had to sit around and take others hunting during the first weeks of the Alabama season, making his schedule to succeed that much tighter.

His hunt with Ryan over the weekend resulted in the two working a couple of gobblers almost into gun range, but with no success. The toms appeared to be hooking up with hens right off the roost and sticking to them most of the day.

Plans for Florida are to arrive Tuesday afternoon where he will meet with his hosts, Limestone Outfitters. He will then hunt Wednesday and Thursday hoping to take two Osceola wild turkeys. If all goes well, he’ll then jump back in the truck and head home. His kids are out of school on spring break this week and his hope is to take them hunting later in the week. Sounds like he is going to have a hectic schedule.

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1 Response to Quest for 450: Florida Bound—Finally!

Dustin Barron wrote:
March 30, 2012

Hey Mike. I've been using your calls and following you and the Sting Team for about 11 years now. My dad taught me to call turkeys on a Woodhaven call when I was 5 years old. Since then, I've had Woodhaven in my blood. I just added two more birds to my Cherry Classic Crystal's kill list Tuesday, the 27th. I just wanted to wish you luck on your quest for 450 birds. I hope you reach your goal. Have a good season Mike. Good Huntin, Dustin