How I Finally Killed “Daggers”

I shot a great buck on Sunday evening. We have a fast-paced version of the hunt on the Whitetail Season episode this week so I won’t go into the details of the moment, but you can tell when he steps out that I had a good dose of adrenaline surging at that moment! He is a great buck that I had some history with. I was actually hunting him when he showed up.

Four things jump out at me about this hunt that I am going to share quickly.

1. This buck was here in 2009, gone in 2010 and then back this year. I’m not sure where he went or why he left. It may have been something about dominance. He wasn’t the dominant buck in the area in 2010 so he left (maybe, maybe not). He left and came back. That should offer some hope for anyone who is hunting a buck that disappears. It does happen.

2. I wasn’t getting many daylight trail-cam photos of this buck before shooting him. I had pulled the camera about a week before the hunt, so there is some chance he ramped up during that week, but up until then he was only showing at night in October (some daylight photos in September, though). I like to focus my efforts on bucks that are moving at least some during the day at the time I start hunting them. This one wasn’t, as far as I know. The wind was right for that stand and I had to sit somewhere so I went in there not really expecting to see him. This also offers hope for those hunters who aren’t getting any daylight photos of the bucks they are after. Sure the daylight activity on the camera is a sure tip-off that the odds are good, but the lack of daylight photos doesn’t mean success is impossible. The rut sometimes brings them out.

3. The buck dropped at the sound of the shot. I fight this dilemma every year—where to aim when I have to stop them for the shot. This one dropped and I aimed dead on the vitals—I caught him in the spine. This could have ended differently. Some bucks don’t drop, but this is the third one in a row that did (the other two got away). So I guess I automatically have to aim low on all the shots when I stop the buck at distances beyond about 20 yards. Watch, now the next one won’t move and I’ll shoot under him!

4. He was not one of the four bucks I headed into the season hoping to kill. That often happens. You adjust as the information changes. Also, some bucks will just pop up out of nowhere (this one was here since September), so you are never out of the game even if you aren’t seeing nice bucks or getting them on trail camera. Anything can happen at any time when you are in a treestand during the rut.

Good luck to you this coming week. It should be a great (the best maybe) to be the woods this season.

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1 Response to How I Finally Killed “Daggers”

Spikehunter87 wrote:
November 16, 2011

What a great story about hunting a buck, here today gone tomorrow. I hunt and there are buck there. Right now I hunt with a rifle, but next year I will try bow hunting.