Finally: A Good Way to Move Bird Taxidermy

While my spoonbill will never be the same, I am happy to report that the rest of my bird taxidermy survived the move to Pennsylvania. And even happier to report that after years of accidental defeatherings, I have finally found an effective, easy and inexpensive way to transport upland bird and waterfowl taxidermy.

A few days before the move, I bought a roll of Scotch "No Residue" Duct Tape. Then I simply affixed each bird by its wooden frame to the bed of my pickup, careful to avoid touching tape to feathers, and closed the truck bed cover.

I knew my gamble would either change the way I move birds or result in a bed full of feathers. Fortunately the tape held.

How do you move bird taxidermy? Do you agree that it's more difficult to move a duck than a deer?

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