Father and Daughter Win Both 2013 Duck Stamp Contests

Adam and Madison Grimm have made winning the Duck Stamp contest something of a family tradition.

Remember 6-year-old Madison Grimm, who won the Junior Duck Stamp Contest back in April and saw her award briefly rescinded? U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Director Dan Ashe personally called Adam Grimm, Madison's father, to tell him her title was being returned.

Well, congrats once again to Mr. Grimm, 35, of Burbank, S.D., who has won the 2014 Federal Duck Stamp Contest. His oil painting of a drake and hen canvasback--which, at first glance, is among my favorite stamp entries of all time—will reside in duck hunters' wallets for the 2014-2015 season. Grimm also won the 1999 Federal contest at age 21, which made him the youngest winner ever.

“As far as we know, this is the first time that a parent and child have won the federal and junior duck stamp contest in the same year,” Rachel Levin, communications coordinator for the USFWS, told the Argus Leader.

The controversy surrounding Madison's entry was the use of a graphite transfer, apparently a popular technique among adults and children alike. Several prominent figures came to her defense, including Robert Lesino, who chaired the adult contest until 1993.

And, in fact, Mr. Grimm used a graphite transfer for his latest winning entry.

“It’s a valid method. I’m not alone in using that method. I’m not ashamed to have done it. It’s how I’ve done a number of paintings,” he told the Argus Leader.

Interestingly, graphite transfers are expected to be illegal for next year's junior contest, but legal for the federal contest. That's right, the rules for the kiddos will be more stringent than for the adults. OK then...

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