Facebook Photo Leads to Duck Hunter's Citation

It's common knowledge that if you plan to do something stupid and/or illegal, it's best to avoid photographing, videotaping or otherwise preserving it for the public record. Want to know what I did at my bachelor party? Sorry my friend, those files are sealed.

So it always amazes me when yet another poacher is busted after posting photos of his stupidity online. The latest example comes to us courtesy of 19-year-old Brandon Lowry of Norco, La. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents began investigating after they were tipped off to these photos posted on Lowry's Facebook page during the September teal season:

Officials determined that Lowry and 11 other hunters bagged 64 teal in one day, putting them well over the limit of four teal per hunter per day. After determining that Lowry bagged his daily limit during two subsequent days, officials charged him with exceeding both the daily limit and possession limit. These penalties could result in a $950 fine and up to 120 days in jail.

Interestingly, Lowry's Facebook page is still public. I browsed his photos for further evidence of poaching, but all I could find were crimes against fashion:

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2 Responses to Facebook Photo Leads to Duck Hunter's Citation

Kyle Wintersteen wrote:
November 07, 2011

LOL! WoolySwamper wins the Internet!

WoolySwamper wrote:
November 04, 2011

He shoots over his limit, records it on tape AND wears Macho Man Randy Savage sunglasses??? It's Jeff Foile's prodigal son!