Excellent Goose Control Op-Ed

I've read a lot of stories and opinion pieces regarding the growing need to control resident Canada goose populations, but this one tops all. Catherine Ford of the Montreal Gazette makes her pro-goose control argument in witty, entertaining fashion while citing important facts.

It's hard to believe that an admitted "city dweller" journalist wrote this passage:

So let's not talk about the "brutality" of killing geese. Geese can appear on the dinner table with the same dispatch that we use to slaughter chickens and ducks. We have a moral imperative to treat all living things with kindness, but that doesn't mean we can't eat them.

Resident geese have become a genuine urban menace in cities across North America. It's time for a brutal cull and mass slaughter of the resident non-migratory geese that comprise 67 percent of the goose population, up from 18 percent in 1970. They aren't cute, they aren't cuddly and they aren't pets.

Read Ford's story in its entirety. It's great.

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