DU Asks Congress for Electronic Duck Stamp

Last week Ducks Unlimited testified in favor of H.R. 3117, the Permanent Electronic Duck Stamp Act of 2011, before the U.S. House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee. DU says the bill would make the stamp more accessible by providing for its online purchase. Instead of having to run to the post office, hunters would simply purchase a stamp online, print a special receipt and carry the receipt while hunting until the actual stamp arrives by mail. DU also voiced its continued support for raising the cost of the stamp from $15 to $25.

I have mixed emotions about raising the price of duck stamps, but I absolutely support selling them online. Not all post offices supply duck stamps, and I've encountered several that were sold out. Thankfully it's never cost me a day of hunting.

What do you guys think about online duck stamps? Do you think it would prove a convenience or perhaps threaten tradition?

More on this topic: Should subsistence duck hunters be required to purchase duck stamps? These Native Alaskans say no way.

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