Ever Seen a Wedding Cake with a Decoy Spread?

When my brother-in-law's mother, Linda Szmal, offered to bake a groom's cake for my wedding last month, I gratefully requested a red velvet cake depicting a drake canvasback. However, when she asked for a photo of my dog and inquired as to the color of my waders, I knew she was up to something. The resulting duck-hunting themed creation is nothing shy of astounding:

All decorations, including the canvasback decoys, cattails, springer spaniel and even the miniature statue of me (though many say the head should be bigger), were made by hand.

Have you ever seen a hunting-inspired cake quite like this?

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3 Responses to Ever Seen a Wedding Cake with a Decoy Spread?

JJ McGuire wrote:
September 09, 2011

Very cool

KyleW wrote:
September 09, 2011

@ERZ11 Is that why the Kyle Wintersteen bobblehead on my desk says "To Scale" on the bottom?

ERZ11 wrote:
September 09, 2011

Ur head should be at least as big as the entire dog 2 be real... ;o)