Photos: Coonhound Really Knows How to "Stay"

As J.R. Absher of The Outdoor Pressroom put it, Maddie the coonhound has "refined the meaning of 'stay'." Since acquiring Maddie from the Cobb County Animal Shelter in Atlanta, Ga., owner Theron Humphrey has photographed her in a variety of, shall we say, interesting places—inside a tractor tire in Cedar Creek, Texas, atop a traffic light in Austin, Texas, on a bird house in Lawrence, Kan., and even above a basketball rim in Des Moines, Iowa, to name a few.

The photo series led to the tongue-in-cheek website, Maddie The Coonhound: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics. I don't know why scrolling through photos of a dog standing precariously in odd places is so addicting, but Humphrey's formula seems to work.

I challenge you to spend less than 5 minutes on his blog.

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