Cleaning Out the In Box


The end of the year is a time to get those little things that have cluttered up the “In Box” for several weeks either taken care of, or discarded (in the perpetually futile effort to actually get things organized and on time). So in no particular order, here we go:

A couple of weeks ago Baltimore County Fire and Natural Resources Police officers were summoned to the Patapsco River Bridge regarding a deer that had broke through the ice and was trapped. Two local men, James Hart and Khalilalim Abuskaran, Jr., happened to be at the bridge as well in their inflatable boat. Ignoring orders to cease and desist, Hart and Abuskaran broke the ice for about 50 feet, thus freeing the deer and allowing it to walk to shore. Their reward was matching citations at $90 each for failure to wear a life jacket. Happily, Hart and Abuskaran are fighting the citations, which, in my humble opinion were issued for “failure to submit, while officials dither.”

In a case where justice actually prevails, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie commuted the 7-year sentence of Brian Aitken for possessing legal firearms, unloaded and in a locked case. Aitken was in the process of moving after an argument with his mother and had the guns—legally purchased in Colorado—in a locked case, along with what the news report referred to as “cop killer” bullets. (Unlike justice, which is supposed to be blind, the Fourth Estate is permitted to color its world as it sees fit, accuracy be damned.) The judge in Aitken’s case had a wardrobe malfunction, allowing the blindfold over Lady Justice’s eyes to slip down to her neck and be tightened forcefully. On at least three occasions he refused to answer or clarify provisions of New Jersey’s gun laws to the jury, and upon conviction, sentenced Aitken to 7 years. Aitken wrote Governor Christie, claiming his conviction and sentencing were unfair. After  looking into the matter the Governor commuted Aitken’s sentence to time served. He also refused to re-nominate the judge to another term. Score one for us!

From the “What the…?” file comes this from the website Politico: Our friends at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has awarded former president Bill “Big Mac Bubba” Clinton it Person of the Year for going vegan. According to Politico, Clinton jettisoned meat and dairy products because of health concerns and to lose some weight for his daughter Chelsea’s wedding. OK, fine…leaves more for the rest of us.

Hoo boy, 2011 ought to be a blast!


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