Brown Bear Adventure in Alaska Part 7

The two big brown bears taken near the end of a lengthy, challenging hunt certainly met, and perhaps exceeded, our hopes. Stephen’s bear was a 9½-foot brute, while mine pushed 9 feet, and both possessed perfect, not-yet-rubbed pelts that will make stunning trophies. The only downside was that Andrew never did connect despite gamely pushing it right to the end. On our way back to port, in fact, he and guide Dan Ondersma took off in a skiff seeking a last-ditch black bear, a detour that meant a long, cold boat ride in rough water before finally arriving back in Valdez late that night. For all three of us, cruising the breathtakingly beautiful Alaska coast in search of North America’s alpha game animal added up to an extraordinary adventure.

And though it didn’t exactly come as a surprise, our Trijicon AccuPoint scopes fully met expectations, as well. In combat and elsewhere around the world, the Michigan-based company’s ACOG and Reflex sights are proudly serving with U.S. military forces to protect our freedom. Their hallmark is rugged dependability, which, teamed with Trijicon’s proprietary, lightning-fast and battery-free illuminated aiming system, produces unsurpassed in-field performance.

Hunting the Alaska coast can be hard on equipment, as I found out firsthand with a case of loose scope mounts and persistent surface rust on a brand-new rifle. But our AccuPoints came through unscathed.

Because of the loose mounts I switched rifles partway along, and thus got to use two different AccuPoints with different reticles. My first optic had a crosshair with a small amber illuminated dot, while the second sported a lone vertical post topped by a bright green triangle. Though it will take more shooting with both models to confirm it, right now I believe the crosshair/dot configuration is ideally geared for long-range marksmanship, while the light-topped post offers the perfect set-up for tracking and shooting moving game. And now I know too, that these scopes truly can take a beating and stand up to saltwater and driving rain without a blip. For more info on the entire Trijicon line, go to Be sure to see more photos of this hunt.


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