Two Giant Bucks from Shockey Outfitters in Sask.

Last month, as you guys probably know by now, I had the pleasure of hunting in Saskatchewan with Jim Shockey's Whitetail Adventures.

For a whitetail nut like myself, it was truly an experience to remember. When you leave the "land of the giants" there's a feeling of connection. You feel like you're part of an exclusive club, and you'll be a member for life. Big deer are a part of the culture up there. The place has character and tradition that is unmatched by any other whitetail destination. I don't think there's any way I could overstate this point.

Here's a special report on a pair of big deer taken on Shockey's place this season (as emailed to me by Vice President of Sales and Outfitting Development for Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures Dan Goodenow):

"Things really took a big uptick in Saskatchewan for whitetails this season," Goodenow writes. "All of us outfitters have had a rough couple of seasons recently due to warm falls and bitter cold winters, so it was really great for everyone on our team to see some clients take monster B&C bucks again this season. Like I tell everyone who calls looking for a whitetail hunt, I can't guarantee you'll take a monster buck, or necessarily even see a monster buck, but there is no better place on earth to take a huge free range whitetail than Saskatchewan."

Slammer Buck No. 1
Hunter: Paul Meyer, Redondo Beach, Calif.
Score: Green scored at 180 and change


Paul writes to the Shockey crew:

Just wanted to drop a note and tell you guys you really run a top notch, world class operation here at Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures.  After 25 years of Whitetail hunting, 6 of which have been in your Smoothstone camp, I finally whacked the SLAMMER of a lifetime.  It grossed out at 180 and is nothing but a true Trophy representative of the Canadian species I've come to treasure. Six trips to Smoothstone and 4 trophys are proudly displayed on the wall in my house.  Even when I left empty handed, the experience has always been a valued event with new and renewed friendships a common staple.

Meanwhile, the troops in the field, Lyndon, Stanley, Carolyn, and of course Hunter have continued to make sure the experience is of the highest quality and is the reason I will continue to return.  Again, thanks for making this another hunt of  a lifetime.

--Paul Meyer

Slammer Buck No. 2
Hunter: George Bowering
Score: Green scored at 184 4/8

sask 2

George writes to the Shockey crew:

It was almost time to put the gun back in the case and pack it up for the day. I had about 20 minutes of daylight and was watching three doe play around only 40 meters in front of my stand.

It had snowed all day and the temperature was around 15 F.  I had seen four 12 point bucks and a massive 8 pointer but was waiting for a monster to come out of the Sask woods. The rut was just starting and I had watched numerous bucks chasing does all day.  A small 2x2 had just fought a 3x3 not 20m from my stand.
Suddenly, the largest doe alerted towards the woodline.  Without warning, she ran full speed in the opposite direction.  As if by magic a huge buck materialized from the brush and slowly began following the doe. He stopped broadside to me at 40 yards and began feeding.
After taking a few deep breaths to calm the racing heartbeat, I put my crosshairs on him and pulled the trigger.  My deer of a lifetime dropped where he stood.  This was at 5:30 pm on November 16, 2010. The buck gross scores at 184 4/8.

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