Benelli on Assignment's Soon-to-be TV Star Bucks

Last week I was trading e-mails and hero shots with Benelli’s Joe Coogan—I should have known better—when the veteran hunter dealt me the big buck trump card. Check out this pair of nice bucks taken down South earlier this year while Joe was in camp with Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Benelli USA Steve McKelvain.

joe deer

Steve and Joe Deer
The esteemed Mr. Coogan writes:

Here are a couple of scrapper bucks that Steve McKelvain and I took out in Texas. Good TV bucks. Mac and I were hunting a north central ranch with the rut in full swing. We were using Benelli R1s in .30-06. The buck I took was quite broken up from fighting, but impressive mass even with tines with broken tips.

The hunt will be featured in two episodes of Coogan’s show—Benelli on Assignment—on the Outdoor Channel some time next fall. Congrats to both these guys. BOA is definitely one of my top five hunting shows right now and moving up the list with every season. Anybody out there deer hunting with a Benelli this year?

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