My Duck-Hunting Beard

My buddy Adam Heggenstaller of Shooting Illustrated starts growing a beard every October and doesn't shave until he's bagged a big-game animal (usually a whitetail buck or black bear in our home state of Pennsylvania). It's a fun tradition and it got me to thinking: Is not the first duck of the year worthy of equal honor?

So, 12 days ago I quit shaving. Here's my progress thus far:

Kyle's Beard

Now I know what you're thinking—that is one good looking beard—but with any luck I'll ceremonially shed it this weekend. Virginia's October duck season opened today and closes Monday.

Okay let's be honest. My beard is pathetic. It is a thin, patchy mixture of blonde and premature gray. Nobody will ever "fear my beard" the way they do Phil Robertson's of "Duck Commander" fame. The best I can hope for is a Spencer Pratt "knock it off you're giving me the creeps!" beard.

My beard itches, it's affecting my home life and frankly I just want it gone, but there's no turning back now. I am committed. Problem is, if I don't bag a duck before Monday, I'll have to wait until Nov. 20 when the Virginia season resumes. This could literally get very ugly.

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