Bear on the Menu in Packerville?

One sporting bar owner thought he'd serve roasted bear to his Green Bay Packer patrons ...

The Headline: St. Paul Bar Roasting Bear For Packers-Bears Game 

The Summary: According to CBS, a local bar owner in St. Paul figured he’d pull for the Green Bay Packers by serving bear meat to his patrons. So, he obtained a black bear his relative had legally hunted in Wisconsin and barbequed it on a spit. While it was a good meal and an even better game-time prank to annoy Chicago Bears fans, the operation was shut down when the officials got wind and said it could not be served without inspection from the state health department. Heeding the game-time call from the zebras, the owner served the bruin later on at a party, where everyone, except Bears fans and the bear, came out a winner.
Jeff’s Take: I understand why selling game meat is illegal—it might encourage poaching if game animals could be sold for profit—but it sure seems a shame to me that legally harvested animals can’t be devoured at public venues. Just imagine the fun and good food we’d have! When my Oklahoma Sooners, for example, play teams around the nation, I’d be there, fresh from the hunt, with a dead and ready-to-digest team mascot in hand. Some of my 2011 football feasts would include such hearty snacks as buffalo (Univ. Colorado), tiger (Mizzou; I’d have to make do with a mountain lion leftover from The K-State game, but who among us could taste the difference?); and longhorn (Ummm, ribeye, my favorite … so plentiful and pounded until so very tender!). But I’d likely skip the game against the Jayhawks of Kansas, because everyone knows they’re illegal, and they taste just like chicken.
The Ultimate National Chompionship Meal: Fried Florida gator sautéed with a drizzle of Oregon Duck sauce and served with a 1999 Crimson Tide cabernet; Penn State Nittany Lion cream puff for dessert.

Alternate Headline:  The Taste of Victory

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