Bear, Man, Wife and Dog in a Four-Way Brawl

Richard and Angela Moyer live in the rural Oliver Township in central Pennsylvania. Around 3 a.m. Monday morning Richard awoke and heard their dog barking outside. When he opened the door to let the dog inside a black bear was on the dog’s heels. Suddenly, Richard found himself in fight with the bear in his living room.

The ruckus brought Angela into the living room. She found her 300-pound, 6-foot-6-inch husband pinned on the floor with the bear upon him. Their dog was attacking the bear that was attacking Richard, and then Angela got into the fray. Apparently the three-on-one odds caused the bear to make a run for the door, knocking Angela through it and onto the outdoor patio, whereupon it began to tear into her. Richard, who had multiple cuts to his face and arms, leapt back into the fight. The bear turned its attention back to him and began tearing and gnawing on his head. Moments later the bear quit and sauntered back into the woods.

Richard joked with reporters at the hospital after receiving dozens of stitches and staples to close the wounds to his head and arms, “Now I know what a salmon feels like.”

Wildlife officials speculated that the bear was a female with cubs nearby when the dog came upon them. All of the combatants survived, but Richard probably had a most unique excuse for calling in sick to work Monday.

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