Archery Tag the Next Big Thing?

From Queens, N.Y., to below the Mason-Dixon line, a new craze has emerged: archery tag. Adults and kids alike are clamoring to momentarily step into the shoes of some of their favorite characters.

With the help of a friend, I took my Mission Craze bow out numerous times in order to re-teach myself how to properly shoot. As soon as I began to consistently hit the target, I'd watch an arrow fly into oblivion, never to be found again.

I've become a bit serious about practicing with my bow, in the hopes of bowhunting this fall, and some of the fun has worn. In an attempt to bring back a bit of that fun, I might have to head down to Richmond, Va., where a new fad that's spreading across the country has emerged. Archery tag is quite similar to the dodge-ball game you played growing up, except this "Hunger Games"-like challenge utilizes bows and tips made of a soft, non-bruising, marshmallow-like material.

I first read about the new craze in an article from The New York Times, "A Chance to Embrace Your Inner Katniss." Teams hide behind blow-up barricades to shoot over or around them—or, if they're brave enough to come out fully and face the enemy. According to the article, many teams dress up as their favorite archery-themed TV or movie characters. Thanks to movies like "Brave" and the "Hunger Games" or TV shows like the "Walking Dead," archery has remained in the mainstream media for the last few years. It seems to be "catching fire" (pardon the pun), and it doesn't look like archery is going anywhere.

The video below is from the Archery Tag YouTube page, where a number of cool videos can be found.

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