Apex Gear Game Changer

By Bob Robb

On a June black bear hunt in Idaho, I spent some time with Aaron Dusek, a serious shooter and hunter who works for TruGlo, one of the country’s leading bow sight makers. TruGlo also owns Apex Gear, and Aaron’s Apex Game Changer bow sight caught my eye.

The sight has all the features I require my own favorite hunting sights—easy micro adjustability on both the vertical and horizontal axis, the ability to adjust the sight on both the second and third axis level, a large circular pin guard with glow-in-the-dark ring, solid machined aluminum construction, bubble level, push-button sight light and multiple mounting holes so you can move the sight forward or rearward on the bow’s riser as you deem fit. It can also be easily reversed for left-hand shooters.

The thing that really caught my eye here, though, was the sight pins. Of course they feature TruGlo’s super bright fiber-optic material, but this sight has fiber optics that run all the way from the pin tip to the rear of the sight bracket. That’s maximum light gathering ability! Best of all, the fiber-optic material is can be changed. That means if one should break, you can quickly and easily replace it with the spare fiber assembly that’s included with the sight. Also, the five sight pins come in two green, two orange and one red, with the spare fiber optic being green. These can easily be swapped out so you can put them in any order you like.

The sight also proved to be extremely rugged. We lugged it up and down some steep, nasty mountains in central Idaho and it took a beating but did not break nor did it lose its zero.

I have a thing about cheap, flimsy bow sights. Nothing gets my goat quicker than to have a sight give me problems in the field. I liked this model so much I ordered one and will put it on my bow for this fall.

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