Animal Lover Hunts, Kills Wild Turkey

You've gotta love this story, and for publishing it, but I don't see why it's so novel.

The Headline:  Animal Lover Hunts, Kills Wild Turkey

The Summary: In a story from, a rag that we don’t frequently reference because of its lack of guns and dead but-soon-to be-loved-on-bun deer, self-described animal lover Kimberly Hiss writes her story. In a nutshell, she’s a New York city-slicker editor from Field and Stream magazine who had been assigned to go hunting. Bucking the ire of her friends and family, she takes to the woods with a 12-gauge in search of a gobbler to kill and eat for the holidays. She shoots a big bird in the face, and then, with the help of the guide, plucks him then later eats him with gravy. Now everyone at, I suppose, is plucking mad.

Jeff’s Take: This story is getting a lot of attention, and I give credit where credit is due, and that is to, even though it’s not on the site’s front page. When I visited the website, I didn’t know whether to look in the food, entertainment, lifestyle, spirit, self-help or Winchester 12-gauge section.  I eventually found the story, read it, and I don’t really see what’s so novel about it. We (as in you and I) are animal lovers too, we just haven’t been blinded by the bright city lights to the benefits of conservation. For the majority of our lives, we’ve known that hunting benefits wildlife and society, and that wild, lean game meat is the original organic movement. I think cavemen started it. But I am all for people who begin hunting later in life, and wish this Pretty Woman look-alike the best of luck in future endeavors. And I praise her for getting the publicity. But I do have one question for Oprah: Will you go hunting with me? I’m serious.

The Anti-Comment: “Killing animals when delicious vegan alternatives are readily available is an act of cruelty and selfishness,”—“chefwalnut,” random blog commenter

Recommended Gear: Kill It and Grill It, Uncle Ted’s bible on hunting your food with little remorse; Winchester 12-gauge, if you can’t pick one up on O’s site; Urban Camoflage for hiding from your pitchfork wielding, anti-hunting friends.

Alternate Headline:  Each Year Millions of Animal Lovers Hunt, Kill Turkeys

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av malzemeleri wrote:
June 01, 2012

ı mfrom turkey very good site thanks admin