Andrae D’Acquisto Pleads Guilty To Violation

Last month, bird blogger Kyle Wintersteen noted famed waterfowler Jeff Foiles' run-in with the law, and now we are hearing that Andrae D'Acquistoknown for his DVDs and appearances on the TV show "Whitetail Addictions"has entered a plea agreement related to baiting charges filed in 2009.

D'Acquisto, 49, is the former owner of Lone Wolf Treestands and current owner of Lone Wolf Productions and has garnered notoriety in years past for consistently killing record-book bucks. The innovative hunter has taken 30 P&Y bucks and four net Boone & Crockett bucks during his career.

Here's the details from Illinois Outdoor News:

The DNR and USFWS investigation documented that the Menard County property hunted by Andrae D'Acquisto, 49, and his associates had been unlawfully baited during the 2009 archery deer season. In the plea agreement, both subjects pled guilty to hunting without a valid Illinois license and habitat stamp and each was fined a total of $2,068. The remaining charges, including hunting deer by the aid of bait, contribute to unlawful baiting and making salt and mineral available for deer were dismissed

Ashley D'Acquisto, 24, of St. Francis, Wisconsin also pled guilty to hunting deer without a valid Illinois habitat stamp and was fined a total of $205.00. All remaining charges were dismissed in accordance with the plea agreement.

This certainly doesn't help D'Acquisto's reputation after it had already been called into question many times over the last few years. In 2009, two Tennessee hunters associated with his hunting efforts pled guilty to making salt or mineral available for deer on the Menard County property in 2009, and D'Acquisto himself was cited for fraudulently obtaining Illinois resident hunting licenses, resident deer permits and providing false information to obtain an Illinois driver's license in 2005.

It seems, at least in this case, the bright spotlight of fame has peered into some dark corners. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this story. I'll keep you updated.

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7 Responses to Andrae D’Acquisto Pleads Guilty To Violation

Rich Carpenter wrote:
January 20, 2011

I'm very tired of watching, hearing of, and reading about elitist rich kids telling the rest of us how, when where and why we hunt, and what we should use to insure our success. I know the world runs on the 'bottom line', anymore, but give us a break where we go to relax.

Troy James wrote:
January 15, 2011

I'm tired of writers and bloggers that jump to conclusions. Ben, you havent done that here but you were pretty close. At least glad to see that you welcomed both sides of the case. Dont fall into the trap!

Ben O'Brien wrote:
January 14, 2011

Thanks, HuntingBeast. I am always happy to hear both sides of the story. This will help readers better decide for themselves. Mistakes do happen, but those in the spotlight must consider what they do much more carefully. wrote:
January 13, 2011

Andraes press release: Here are some facts in regards to the recent statement made on Illinois Outdoor News website.  In 2009 Andrae D'Acquisto applied for and received Illinois deer non-resident combo archery permits for him and his son at the sum of $820.00.  At that time he also requested hunting licenses for $57.75 and habitat stamps for $5.50.  Andrae D'Acquisto received his tags in the mail which he signed immediately and placed in his hunting pack, unaware that the hunting license portion and habitat stamp were never processed by the license sales vendor.  Later he had come to find out these items cannot be purchased in the same transaction.  As a result they were issued tickets for that mistake.  As for any other charges, including baiting, they were all found invalid and dropped by a judge in Menard County.  At no time was Andrae or Cody D'Acquisto involved in putting out and hunting over, or near any baited sights.      In reference to the charges back in 2005, after considering all of the facts, the charges of fraudulently obtaining Illinois resident hunting licenses, resident deer permits, and providing false information to obtain an Illinois driver's license in Cass County were dropped by a judge.  Andrae D'Acquisto then agreed to a petty charge of obstructing a peace officer.  At that time the state of Illinois and the US Federal Government recognized Andrae D'Acquisto to be a legal resident of the state of Illinois.

FISH wrote:
January 10, 2011


Frankie wrote:
January 10, 2011

Does anyone know where he killed his big uns? If he killed 30 book bucks, I want to see that dang trophy room!

Jacob H wrote:
January 10, 2011

He got what he deserved