A Worthy Cause


Last week I put in some time at our county fair manning our local Friends of NRA booth. Next door to us sat a handsome young man. He looked like a college-level outside linebacker or perhaps a defensive end, except for one thing. Corey McGregor sat in a wheelchair. He represented Wyoming Disabled Hunters (WDH), a non-profit organization that provides hunting opportunities for disabled hunters.

Founded in 2008, this all-volunteer organization puts together 10 bow hunts for deer and two cow elk hunts with either bow or rifle each year. All the hunts occur in the Big Horn Basin. Corey told me that WDH facilitates the hunts, along with ancillaries like a companion hunter, meals and lodging. WDH even has a specialized wheelchair equipped with a special gun rest and trigger mechanism.

I was struck with the nobility of this organization and its cause. It is a small group now, but during its first two years, WDH has made it possible for some two dozen disabled hunters to fulfill their dreams of hunting in Wyoming. Hunters have already come from as far as Pennsylvania, and range in age from the very young to guys as old and gray as me. I’d really like to see this catch fire and spread across the country.

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