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Take a healthy dose of Walter Mitty, add an equal dose of a political manifesto, season to taste with a hard-headed Yankee with superb woodsman skills and wrap the whole thing up in a plot of survival after the collapse of the world as we know it. What you end up with is a fascinating thriller of a novel by one of our own—Bryce Towsley. Most—if not all—who read this have seen Towsley’s byline in most of the NRA magazines.

His first novel, "The 14th Reinstated," will appeal to almost every gun guy. I say guy because the language may be a little rough for some of the fairer sex. The profanity isn’t gratuitous, rather it’s a reasonably accurate way of describing how most guys talk under significant stress. But if that kind of discourse offends you, caveat emptor.

The story is filled with shoot-’em-ups, declarations of the causes of the socio-economic collapse, detailed opinions on firearms for these situations. One thing is for sure: Unlike most shoot-’em-ups you read nowadays, the gun stuff in this novel are painstakingly accurate, save one typo early in the book. Towsley and I may differ on the suitability of a .270 Winchester for elk—something we will undoubtedly argue over sometime nest week at the SHOT Show, as we have done for several years—but his knowledge of firearms and their use is otherwise superb.

Written in the first person, the central character is a—shall we say mature—former gun and hunting writer from Vermont, who never misses a shot, and is as hard of hearing as he is hard headed. Gee, I wonder who that might be? His adventure has him hunting kidnapped family members and their captors, while suddenly finding himself to be the hunted. Towsley—who is one of the few people left in our little cottage industry capable of writing real humor—injects some of that zest into his storyline.

So if you’d like something to while away a few hours, be entertained by and think about, order a copy of "The 14th Reinstated." You can get an autographed copy directly from him at his website for $14.95 plus shipping, or for those of you who are more technology friendly, it’s available on Kindle at Whether you agree with Bryce or not, your thoughts will be provoked.

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