A Brief Sunday Hunting Rant

My local Delta Waterfowl chapter is making a push to repeal Virginia's Sunday hunting ban by, among other things, selling the highly awesome $15 t-shirt shown below (a few are still available for purchase by emailing nvcdeltatreasurer@gmail.com).

Just seven states ban Sunday hunting (four more have partial bans). Such laws, I believe, are an especial injustice to waterfowl hunters. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service does not issue one set of parameters for states with Sunday hunting and another for those without. Duck seasons can't exceed 60 days. Period. Can't hunt on Sundays during your 60-day season? Too bad. You have fewer days to hunt; which essentially cuts the duck season in half for those of us who work full-time and live in states with Sunday prohibitions.


Now, I am a church-going person, but I would love to spend a restful Sunday afternoon in a duck blind. And I simply don't buy the argument that lifting Sunday-hunting bans would harm church attendance. Consider the NRA-ILA map below. The 39 states in red have no Sunday-hunting prohibitions. Are they struggling with church attendance?


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4 Responses to A Brief Sunday Hunting Rant

seo service wrote:
June 02, 2012

You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. www.americanhunter.org provides a fresh look at the subject.

Dave Wabeke wrote:
August 03, 2010

When I asked the VA DNR about this they told me that the last time it came up for discussion and vote that the hunting population voted it down. That's telling me that we have a large group of hunters that have the opportunity to hunt throughout the week that don't need Sundays to hunt. They see the opening of Sunday hunting as an additional competitor to their hunting. That's the only reason I can think of that makes any kind of sense at all to vote down Sunday hunting.

KyleW wrote:
August 03, 2010

@Dave Very well put. IMO there are a variety of reasons that the number of upland game and waterfowl hunters has slowly declined, but Sunday hunting laws aren't helping.

Dave Wabeke wrote:
August 03, 2010

I absolutely agree with everything you have said. I grew up in a state (MN) where we were allowed to hunt on Sundays and believe me we were always able to find a way to make it to church. In a sport of declining numbers, when we're trying to get sons, daughters, and wives involved why would we ever want to cut the number of days we have to get them in the field in half? Doesn't make sense to me.