A Minnesota Canvasback

My buddy and I didn't kill nearly as many ducks in Minnesota as our irrationally optimistic plan had called for, but our bag did include the king of ducks:

drake can

The juvenile drake canvasback decoyed with a large group of cans that hit the blocks hard and caused my knees to tremble with excitement. The flock was nearly 20 birds strong, a thrill that more than made up for an otherwise modest bag. We should've gotten a second drake, but my buddy and I made a rookie mistake, picking out the same drake and hammering it with two loads of Black Cloud No. 4's. Needless to say, it died quickly.

Severe winds (50 mph gusts) and heavy rains soured the hunting a bit, but we did manage to take a second can and a few redheads and ringnecks throughout the course of three days. We fully plucked and waxed the cans and redheads. The hunting may have been slow, but the wonderful flavor of roast canvasback is enough to make anybody feel pretty darn lucky.

diver drakes

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