Remembering Shotgun Writer Michael McIntosh

The shotgunning community lost one of its greatest champions and authors over the weekend. From an obituary at The Outdoor Pressroom:

Celebrated sporting writer Michael McIntosh, author of such books as Shotguns and Shooting (3 volumes), Best Guns, Wild Things and columnist for Sporting Classics magazine, died August 14 at the age of 66. A Shakespearean scholar and former English professor, McIntosh had a devoted following, many of whom shared his affinity for beautiful women, quality shotguns, single malt Scotch whisky, pipe smoking and fine tobacco.

While I never met Mr. McIntosh, the intelligence and skill with which he opined on my favorite subjects made reading his words feel like a visit with an old friend. American Hunter contributor Phil Bourjaily did have the opportunity to meet McIntosh, writing on his blog:

... He had an English professor’s love of language and a scholarly interest in history and while he could write well about any subject, we are fortunate that shotguns and shooting were his passion.

I only met Michael a couple of times, on both occasions we were in his element: there were shotguns, plenty to shoot them at, and single malt scotch afterwards. He was a good shot and a gentleman as well as a fine writer.

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