Ex Idol Star Scores Hunting Reality Show

The HeadlineEx 'Idol' Star Kristy Lee Cook Scores a Hunting Reality Show

The Summary: Fox News 411’s Jo Piazza reports that former a American Idol season 7 contestant will be appearing on Versus in her own hunting show, called "Goin’ Country with Kristy Lee Cook." The cameras will follow her all over the U.S. as she chases game animals, a recording contract and stardom.

Jeff’s Take: The budding country music star and hottie from Oregon has been hunting big game for six years, but it wasn’t until after she wore a Browning hat on American Idol that people realized she’s also a sportswoman. (Browning is now a show sponsor.) After watching a video of Cook in action (check out her shooting form and her use of field jargon such as “broadside”) I can tell she’s a legit hunter, and unlike me, she has a face that isn’t just for radio. Obvious appeal to the sporting community aside, however, she’s also saying the right things. Perhaps she’ll be an influence on other good gals who might not realize that hunting is the original organic movement, and self-defense is the purist form of feminism. Perhaps Cook will now join other country music celebrities, like Blake Shelton and Gretchen Wilson, who joined NRA Country to support the Second Amendment and their gun shooting, deer hunting, country way of life.

Cookie Quotes:“It’s so much fun in the outdoors and when you harvest something for the meat it really means much more than just going out to the grocery store and buying it,”

-“Animals are here for us to eat. In my family we grew up without a lot of money so I take all this meat home and anything that’s left we give to homeless shelters or orphanages so all the meat is going somewhere and I get to feed all these people,”

-“… I know if anything were to happen in this world I know I would be ok because I can shoot my own animals.”

Recommended Gear: Browning rifle in .270 WSM (Fox News 411 called it a 270 Winchester short magazine rifle).

Alternate Headline: Who Needs Cowboys When Your Heroes Are Music Star Hotties Who Hunt? 

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