Your Ammo Is Under Attack!

Anti's envoke emotion and junk science to garner support for a lead ammo ban, but NRA isn't buying it.

The Headline:  Firearms Industry Responds to Anti-hunting Attack on Traditional Ammunition

The Summary: When an anti-hunting coalition made headlines with “National Ban on Lead-based Ammunition, Fishing Tackle Sought to End Wildlife Poisoning,” NRA and NSSF had to respond. The latest attack on hunters and gun owners is once again masquerading as a “save the animals” campaign, but it is much more sinister than it sounds. In response, NRA retorted with its press release that debunks the anti's junk science.

Jeff’s Take: It's a known strategy of the anti-freedom crowd to ban bullets if they can’t ban guns, or to make bullets so expensive that it becomes a de facto ban if they can’t ban them outright. And how do you do that if the public is not for banning bullets? Ban lead bullets by casting them as the evil villain—the killer of Bambi’s endangered friend, the left-behind California condor, the symbolic bald eagle, the poor spotted owl or anything else that might pull public opinion by the heartstrings. The science they cite is bunk, and it doesn't matter if they know it or not. They are keenly aware that banning lead will cause ammo prices to escalate so much that the common hunter and recreational shooter will be out-priced.

At Cabela’s the cheapest lead-free .30-06 hunting ammo is 38.99. The cheapest lead 30-06 hunting ammo is 17.99. And for rimfire calibers, where the grassroots of hunting and shooting begin, the disparity is much worse. What the anti-freedom faction pretends to forget, however, is the fact that hunters and shooters, not hikers or save-the-whales groups, pay the lionshare of habitat projects for condors, eagles (which have been on the rise for years) and nearly all other animals via excise taxes on guns and ammo purchases. So by outpricing hunters, they’d give endangered wild animals a death sentence. 

Do hunters have lead-free alternatives? Sure, the center-fire copper bullets, like the Barnes X and Hornady GMX, are great, as I’ve written. But as even Barnes Bullets owner Randy Brooks will tell you, that’s not the point. Rather, economic reality is a fact of life for every living thing in the modern age, and since regulated hunting is beneficial for wildlife and society because it creates economic incentive and therefore revenue to protect animal populations and habitat, any barrier that would discourage hunters from purchasing ammo would be detrimental to conservation. High ammo prices is proven to be one of those barriers, especially in today's economy. 

What's more, realize that if all 70-some odd Cali condors went the way of the dodo bird for whatever reason, another token condor will take its place to provide the sad, suffering face needed by the antis to garner popular support for thier agenda. And if lead is banned, the anti-freedom crowd will turn to other materials until they get their wish. And that’s a wish to ban guns, hunting and your freedom so they can advance what they think is a possibility of living in a world with no suffering. Rest assured, however, no matter how much hunters capitulate, it will never be enough for these utopian socialists, who disguise themselves in trendy green camo. As proof, even though lead for waterfowl was banned in 1992, the anti-freedom faction says we can’t see a big change because there was already so much lead in the water. Essentially they're suggesting that we’re all doomed, but lets ban something anyway because it seems like the right thing to do.

Well, my realist friends and I are not playing. Nope, we’re taking our guns and our kids and going hunting and plinking with affordable ammo with the rest of the free world, and in doing so, we’ll provide the means for the eagles and swans and ducks and deer to live in harmony in the best country for people and wildlife on Earth, one where a few game animals must be harvested to feed the greater good and make the whole thing go ‘round.

Recommended Gear: 525 rounds of Winchester lead .22 LR ammo—17.99 

Alternate Headline: Greenies Ban Lead Now, Kill Endangered Species and Freedom Later

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