Three New Hunting Dogs to Compete at Westminster

Three hunting dog breeds recently recognized by the AKC, including the Boykin spaniel, bluetick coonhound and redbone coonhound, will make their Westminster debuts when the annual dog show kicks off Monday.

Frankly it's about time these all-American dogs were recognized. The Boykin originated in South Carolina (it's also the state dog) more than a century ago; the bluetick was developed in the U.S. starting in 1945; and, while the redbone's origins can be traced to Ireland and Scotland, it is prevalent throughout the South, has been in the U.S. since the 1700's and was the inspiration for the classic American children's novel, Where the Red Fern Grows.

Congrats to everyone who worked so hard to get these breeds recognized. Good luck at Westminster.

UPDATE: The newly recognized breeds competed proudly, but did not place in their respective groups. A cocker won the sporting group and the herding group was won by GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, a Scottish deerhound that went on to win best in show.

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1 Response to Three New Hunting Dogs to Compete at Westminster

tom walton wrote:
July 22, 2013

Hunting dogs are great, where I live in The Great State of Alabama we are losing our rights and privilege to dog hunt.Our Governor, appointed Gunter Guy Jr. a lawyer to lead our conservation dept and advisory board. He is taking more of our dog hunting days away from hunters.I often wonder if they realize there is enough land for all of us to hunt.We need help.We need support. I am a member of the Alabama Dog Hunters Ass .