2012's Best Duck and Dog Pumpkin Carvings

Ducks Unlimited held a DU logo pumpkin carving contest for Halloween and the results were, well, amazing.

Check out winner Jody Hildreth's wood duck:

I didn't realize such definition was possible on a pumpkin, and I'm still not entirely sure how Jody pulled it off. I assume the farther you slice into the pumpkin, the lighter the colors become. But how does one achieve such contrast? It's a work of art. What a shame its canvas is prone to rotting.

Hildreth will receive gear from Avery Outdoors for the winning design, but I must say, I think some of the runners up could easily have tied for best carving.

It seems DU started a bit of a trend. Here's a pumpkin shared by SportDOG on its Facebook page:

And one by Tyler Shoberg, associate editor of Delta Waterfowl's membership magazine:

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