Louisiana Harvests More Ducks Than Central Flyway!

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's recently released Migratory Bird Hunting Activity and Harvest report reveals incredible numbers out of Louisiana. During the 2010-2011 season, Louisiana waterfowlers brought 2.7 million ducks to bag. That's not only more ducks than any other state—it's a bigger harvest than the entire Atlantic or Central Flyways! Arkansas had the second-highest harvest with 1.4 million ducks, barely half of Louisiana's.

A sizeable increase in hunter participation is partly responsible. More than 9,000 additional Louisianans hunted ducks during the 2009-2010 season. Perhaps most impressively, the average Louisiana waterfowler bagged 30.6 ducks—many thousands hunted and most enjoyed much success.

Ducks Unlimited cites the Louisiana harvest as further evidence of the state's role as a crucial waterfowl wintering area. The Gulf region certainly provides crucial habitat, but I think the biggest factor behind the harvest lies in last winter's exceptional cold. It got so cold, so fast that many ducks hustled across the continental United States and settled on their wintering grounds, thus providing duck hunters in Mexico and southern U.S. states with exceptional sport.

How did the weather affect your 2010-2011 season? I had some great hunts, don't get me wrong, but I fought ice for much of the year and there was only a quick window when the mallard migration was really "on."

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1 Response to Louisiana Harvests More Ducks Than Central Flyway!

Jonny wrote:
July 27, 2011

We hunt DIVERS now kyle,if we catch you shooting a mallard your off the team...next thing you know you'll want to chuckle in a Black Duck or shoot a swimming Ruddy, we hold ourselves to higher standards...lol