Survey: 25-percent Intend to Buy Shotguns in 2011

Over at the Pheasants Forever blogosphere, Anthony "Big Cat" Hauck notes a recent survey of sportsmen in which 25-percent said they intend to buy a shotgun in 2011.

That's a pretty impressive stat. Many in the media, including the outdoor media, have emphasized the firearm industry's strong handgun and semi-auto rifle sales; however, we bird hunters are doling out some serious cash, too. Just ask our wives.

In fact, the marketing manager at a major firearm/ammo maker (who asked not to be identified) told me that waterfowlers are the second most important group in his outdoor marketing strategy. As you may have guessed, deer hunters are his top priority.

When's the last time you bought a shotgun? And, as Anthony asks, will you be buying one in 2011? What kind?

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1 Response to Survey: 25-percent Intend to Buy Shotguns in 2011

Hil wrote:
May 20, 2011

I bought a Browning Maxus in 2010, pretty much draining my shotgun account for the next couple years.