Video: Black Bears Scale Cliff

April 30, 2014

Sure, everyone's seen bears climb trees and ropes—but a rock wall? That might be new.

Homeowner Defeats Burglar with Bear Spray, Shotgun

April 23, 2014

According to reports, a Washington man was able to apprehend a young burglar earlier this week. Our protagonist's tools of the trade: bear mace and a trusty shotgun.

The Wilder World So Far

April 18, 2014

A man getting hit in the head by a snow goose? Leopards in Indiana? Bears in bars? Here are Managing Online Editor Shawn Skipper's top five favorite Wilder World Outdoor stories so far.

Moose Falls Into Well, Stops Water Flow

April 16, 2014

Everyone's run into faulty pipes before—but not quite like this.

Video: The Little Elk That Could

April 09, 2014

Elk can thrive in some of the roughest back country habitats our country offers—so one getting defeated by a relatively small fence would have to represent the height of embarrassment.

Goose, Turkey Smash Vehicle Windows

April 04, 2014

Wilder World Outdoors has mentioned before how deer have a penchant for shattering windows, but recent reports have shown that their fowl friends aren't particularly keen on clear glass, either.

California Officials Kill Aggressive Mountain Lion

April 02, 2014

California's something of a hotbed for mountain lion sightings. If you recall, a few weeks ago, I shared the video of a cougar taking an early morning stroll through the Hollywood Hills suburbs. Earlier this week, a family a run-in of their own with one of the big cats in nearby Orange County—and the result was substantially scarier.

American Chemical Society: Science of Deer Hunting Can Help Patients With Diabetes

March 21, 2014

Scientists at a meeting of the American Chemical Society presented evidence that the science behind suppressing a hunter's body odor in the field could help researchers develop a life-saving device for diabetes patients.

Bears Destroy Mock Campsite, Lone Cooler Survives

March 19, 2014

ZooMontana decided to give patrons a first-hand look at the destructive power of grizzlies in the most realistic way possible: putting the bears in a mock campsite.

Mountain Lion Goes for Stroll in Hollywood Hills

March 14, 2014

Security cameras have captured footage of a mountain lion out for a just-before-dawn stroll through a residential area in Hollywood Hills, Calif.