Put Down the Mower: Brushy Areas Good for Pheasants, Quail

August 01, 2014

Need to free up some time to be lazy this summer? Nebraska Pheasants Forever has your answer.

Veteran Fights to Keep Therapy Ducks

July 28, 2014

Army National Guard veteran Darin Welker says his 14 pet ducks are the only thing helping him overcome Iraq War injuries—but now the borough of West Lafayette, Ohio, is threatening to take them away.

Companion Bills in House/Senate Would Raise Duck Stamp Price

July 25, 2014

The Federal Duck Stamp Act of 2014, which has the support of Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl, could raise the price of stamps from $15 to $25.

Spanish Hunting Dog Has Green Puppies

July 21, 2014

Aida Vallelado Molina of Laguna de Duero, Spain, has delivered many litters of hunting dogs, but none with such shocking results: On June 3, her dog had a litter of five puppies, two of which were the color green.

Blind Springer Spaniel Finds Way to Hunt

July 18, 2014

Meet Trigger, a 7-year-old English springer spaniel who’s hunted his entire life—despite being blind.

Duck Numbers Up 8 Percent, Break Record

July 14, 2014

Feel free to get excited, waterfowlers. With just two months until early teal seasons open, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s annual population survey indicates that the duck population is looking good.

Giant Canada Geese: Our Greatest Conservation Story?

July 11, 2014

Given that the giant subspecies of Canada geese is now found in every U.S. state—often in nuisance-level numbers—it's easily forgotten that the world's largest geese nearly went extinct.

Bird Group Sues Feds Over Wind Turbine Deaths

July 01, 2014

The American Bird Conservancy has filed a lawsuit that it hopes will help protect Bald and Golden Eagles from Wind Turbines.

Why Anti-Logging Policies are Killing Grouse and Woodcock

June 27, 2014

Meanwhile woodcock have annually declined 1.2-percent since 1968—that means 800,000 fewer male woodcock than in the early 1970's. What can be done? Kyle Wintersteen takes a closer look.

Some Good News (Finally) for Bobwhite Quail

June 23, 2014

It's been grim times for the bobwhite quail, as wild populations have fallen due to habitat loss and other reasons. However, through careful efforts and occasional luck from Mother Nature, they have stabilized and even resurged in certain southern and Midwest states.