Farming in Pheasant Country? Consider a "Flushing Bar"

May 12, 2014

Pheasant country and prime agricultural areas tend to go hand-in-hand, so this time of year many farmers encounter nests while discing the earth or mowing fields. Unfortunately the hens' instinct is to sit tight and wait out the threat—not the best strategy with a tractor bearing down on you.

Did Your State's Pheasants Survive Winter?

May 05, 2014

Did your state's pheasants make it? Pheasants Forever has released its report.

Veterans: Enter HAVA's Contest to Win Fully Trained Bird Dog!

May 02, 2014

If you're a veteran or active service member of the Iraq and Afghanistan era, here's your chance to win a fully trained German shorthaired pointer courtesy of Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA).

Why Do Mallards Nest in Town?

April 28, 2014

What would drive a duck to nest in the middle of a town? Kyle Wintersteen explains.

Throwback Thursday—Beretta Shotgun Style

April 17, 2014

The "Throwback Thursday" fad on social media is so often overdone. But, every once in a while, someone comes through with something worth sharing.

Home Intruder Turns Out to Be Hen Wood Duck

April 14, 2014

Melinda Costanzo of North Reading, Mass., was sleeping in on a Saturday morning when loud noises downstairs awakened her. It didn't turn out to be quite what she thought.

How to Tie Flies with Pheasant Tails

April 07, 2014

Wingshooting and fly-fishing go more hand-in-hand than is readily apparent. Let Kyle Wintersteen explain why.

Would You Buy a Colorful Shotgun?

April 04, 2014

Beretta-USA and Pheasants Forever recently brought up an interesting question: Would you buy a pink or otherwise custom-colored shotgun stock?

Gundog Obedience: What's Mandatory and What's Optional?

March 31, 2014

Certain obedience measures for a gundog to have are considered mandatory by many. Kyle Wintersteen compiles a list of what is mandatory gundog obedience training and what is for the polished dog.

Greatest Field Trial Upset of All Time?

March 26, 2014

After his initial victory last year, which was the first win by a setter in 43 years, English setter Bo bested a field of mostly pointers to win his second straight National Championship Field Trial.