South Dakotans Enjoy Tremendous Pheasant Opener

November 10, 2014

With South Dakota’s pheasant-brood survey up 76-percent over last year, all signs pointed to a fantastic season opener on October 18. However, few probably expected it to kick off quite as well as it did.

Do You Shoot Hens?

November 07, 2014

Last week a duck-hunting magazine posted a photo of two hen wood ducks shot by a reader. The comments were mostly positive, but—as you might have guessed—at least one commenter was quick to chastise the guy for shooting hens. Here's Kyle Wintersteen's take.

The Toughest Bird to Kill

November 03, 2014

What's the toughest bird to kill? Kyle Wintersteen takes a closer look.

Think Your Duck Opener Was Bad?

October 20, 2014

We toil and wait all summer until one day, finally, it's the opening day of duck season. Think yours might have been bad? Check out Kyle Wintersteen's.

Species-Specific Excuses for Missing Birds

October 17, 2014

Kyle Wintersteen has learned to deal with missing birds—particularly when witnesses are present—through a fail-proof coping mechanism: excuses, and lots of them. So, here are a few species-specific suggestions to help you save face this season.

DU Announces 'Beards for Conservation' Contest

October 13, 2014

There's now another all-important reason to grow a duck beard: To support vital conservation efforts through Ducks Unlimited's "Beards for Conservation" program.

Study: More Fat, Lower Protein Boosts Dogs' Sense of Smell

October 10, 2014

Conventional wisdom has long dictated that performance dog food formulas—which experts recommend for active gundogs—ought to contain a high ratio of protein. But has a new study debunked this age old belief?

2015-2016 Duck Stamp Will Feature Ruddy Ducks

October 07, 2014

The winner of the 2014 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest has been announced: Next year's stamp (available June 2015) will feature a striking pair of ruddy ducks by New York artist Jennifer Miller.

Do You Wrap Your Ducks in Bacon?

October 03, 2014

Some consider wrapping ducks in bacon—or anything in bacon, for that matter—to be cheating. Kyle Wintersteen respectfully disagrees.

Indiana May Close Grouse Season Statewide

September 29, 2014

Upland bird hunting is in a sad state of affairs in Indiana, where the state's Division of Fish and Wildlife has proposed closing the ruffed grouse hunting season statewide.