Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton Clink CMA Awards

November 17, 2010

Country music's first hunting couple will soon stow their shiny awards and reach for their rifles.

More States Add Youth Hunting Seasons

November 02, 2010

In an effort to get more people hunting, 30 states have now opened special seasons just for young hunters.

Legendary Bulletsmith John A. Nosler Passes Away

October 22, 2010

.. but his legacy and his bullets will hunt on

Golf Course Allows Hunters, Outrages Neighbors

October 13, 2010

When geese commandeered its greens, a california golf course tried everything. Finally they called in the hunters. Others called foul.

Full body harness mandated on Alabama WMAs

October 06, 2010

Feel-good laws intended to save us are nice, but shouldn't be mandated

Montana Woman Fends off Bear Attack with Zucchini

September 24, 2010

Perhaps it's not what Sherrif Jim Wilson calls ideal anti-bear medicine, but in this case it was effective.

Montana Bowhunter Injured by Grizzly

September 17, 2010

If hunters could hunt burgeoning populations of fearless grizzly bears, the headline above could be reversed.

Putin Fires Darts At Grey Whale

August 26, 2010

The Russian president Vladamir Putin is a man's man, but an American Hunter he is not.

Idaho To Fight No Wolf Hunt Decision

August 20, 2010

After a successful 2009 hunt that reduce wolf populations to healthy levels and raised revenue, a judge called off the hunt. But Idaho fires back.

Radioactive Boars Run Rampant in Germany

August 13, 2010

Germany's wild boar population is up, because hunters are afraid to eat the toxic swine, and the government is struggling to compensate them.