Bear Goes on Rampage in Washington

July 22, 2014

According to a report from a Fox affiliate out of Fall City, Wash., a bear tore apart three hen houses and a goat cage on a local farm, before setting its sights on one of the property owners.

SilencerCo Shotgun Suppressor Hits Market

July 21, 2014

SilencerCo has debuted a shotgun suppressor, the Salvo 12. The Salvo 12 is made to suppress a 12-gauge shotgun firing 23/4-inch or 3-inch slugs or wadded shot.

Spanish Hunting Dog Has Green Puppies

July 21, 2014

Aida Vallelado Molina of Laguna de Duero, Spain, has delivered many litters of hunting dogs, but none with such shocking results: On June 3, her dog had a litter of five puppies, two of which were the color green.

Who Says Hunters Don’t Police Their Own?

July 18, 2014

We’ve all read online comments online accompanying hunting stories that say something to the effect that “hunters always praise themselves as saviors of animals, but they don’t really do anything to preserve and protect wildlife.” Scott Olmsted is here to tell you that is bunk.

The Single-Pin vs. Multi-Pin Adjustable Sight Debate

July 18, 2014

Do you prefer a single-pin sight for your bow, or a multi-pin adjustable one? The debate rages on.

What Does Hunting Really Do For African Game?

July 18, 2014

We’ve all heard, discussed, and repeated the claim that “hunting is good for the species,” but how long does it take? The BullShooters provide an answer.

Blind Springer Spaniel Finds Way to Hunt

July 18, 2014

Meet Trigger, a 7-year-old English springer spaniel who’s hunted his entire life—despite being blind.

Age Recommendations for Introducing Kids to Archery

July 16, 2014

Every child grows and matures at a different pace so there is no set age requirement for introducing your child to this lifelong sport. It's the parent or guardian who is the best judge of knowing when their child is ready.

Duck Numbers Up 8 Percent, Break Record

July 14, 2014

Feel free to get excited, waterfowlers. With just two months until early teal seasons open, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s annual population survey indicates that the duck population is looking good.

What the Big Waterfowl Survey Numbers Tell Us about This Year’s Duck Season

July 14, 2014

Can we assume that an estimated eight percent jump in breeding ducks means we'll all see more birds at our blinds come fall?