NRA-Themed Accessories For Your ATV

October 22, 2014

Your ATV can be just as an important a tool as your truck. So why not trick it out a little bit? Here are a few nifty—and NRA-themed—ATV accessories from Moose Utility Division.

Quick Hits: Best Guns, Shells for Waterfowl?

September 11, 2014

Hunters in this Golden Age of Waterfowling have the best guns and shotshells in history.

Book Review: 'The Future of the Gun'

August 30, 2014

Frank Miniter saw a need for a reporter to honestly go inside America’s gun culture for answers about our relationship with the gun and what’s to come. The result? His new book, "The Future of the Gun."

Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener

August 22, 2014

Work Sharp partnered with knife designer Ken Onion to produce a powered tabletop knife and implement sharpener for outdoorsmen—and took home the American Hunter "Best Gear" Golden Bullseye award for 2014.

3 Must-Read Hunting Books—For Kids

August 06, 2014

Get your kids ready for school and reading now with these hunting tales.

10 Camo Options for Under $60

August 05, 2014

Whether your goal is early-season whitetails, swamp ducks or simply to show your colors with pride around town, here are 10 affordable camouflage options that deserve your attention.

Browning Strike Force Trail Camera

May 02, 2014

Though small in size, this tiny trail camera from Browning is built to play with the big boys.

Reach Out and Touch 'Em: Turkey Gun Sights

April 18, 2014

New technology is stretching the limits of what turkey loads can do. It’s time to get a sight for your gobbler gun to match. Most of these can perform double-duty on your deer rifle, too.

Gamehide ElimiTick Utra-Lite Apparel

April 03, 2014

Turkey season has finally arrived in some parts of the country, and unfortunately so have the bugs of spring. Camouflage with insect repellant built right in may be the latest, greatest thing.

H.S. Strut E-Z Cutters

April 01, 2014

These mouth diaphragm calls can be used to make amazing cutts, yelps, purrs and even kee kees.