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Film Your Own Hunts: Smokin Rack Flex Cam

The Flex Cam from Smokin Rack Products takes the frustration out of filming your own hunt, making it easier than ever.


With the popularity of filming hunts growing so rapidly, the technology to film these hunts in a simpler and more affordable way is becoming the manufacturers target. Smokin Rack Products has developed the next best thing when it comes to filming solo-hunts, and getting a first person point-of-view.

The Flex Cam is a multipurpose, flexible holder that can hold any device--smartphone, camcorder, digital camera or rangefinder. The flexible arm of the Flex Cam can be bent into any position, while not hindering your ability to hunt. The two sets of bands, grippers and shotgun adapter, provide the ability to mount your recording device on any rifle, shotgun or bow in seconds.

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