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Sightmark Releases Boresight for Crossbows

Sightmark's latest release is the company's first laser boresight for the crossbow market.


Sightmark has added the company's first ever crossbow-centric boresight to its product line with the Arrow/Bolt Boresight.

Designed to provide a convenient and accurate method for sighting in bows and crossbows, the Arrow/Bolt Boresight can be attached to the end of an arrow or crossbow bolt.

The Sightmark Laser Boresight is lightweight and easy to use, and each one includes a carrying pouch to protect it when being carried in the field.

The crossbow boresight ships with an MSRP of $35.99.

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1 Response to Sightmark Releases Boresight for Crossbows

eric wharton wrote:
October 01, 2012

How or where do I buy it?