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Rage Introduces Chisel Tip X-treme Broadhead

Rage has combined its original X-treme design with its Chisel Tip model to create the new Chisel Tip X-treme.


Rage has announced that it's combining the body and blades of its popular X-treme model with the tip of its Chisel Tip model to create the new Chisel Tip X-treme broadhead. The marriage is designed to provide a lethal combination of technologies capable of creating 2.3" cuts, deep wound channels and bone-breaking penetration.

The new broadhead features .035" thick stainless-steel blades that are honed to surgical sharpness, and offers a sweeping blade angle that's designed to maintain kinetic energy longer, providing deeper penetration. It also comes equipped with the company's patented Shock Collar blade-retention system.

The Chisel Tip Rage X-treme will be available at sporting goods retailers nationwide, and ships with an MSRP of $49.99. Rage says that, for best results, the broadhead should be used only on bows with draw weights greater than 55 lbs.

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