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The TreeBlind by Nature Blinds

Tired of hunting from a tree? Try hunting from inside of one.


Nature Blinds is offering hunters a chance to hunt from inside a tree rather than from atop on with its new ground blind, the TreeBlind.

The TreeBlind is lightweight, durable, fully insulated, weatherproof, soundproof and scent-proof—not to mention, it looks and feels quite a bit like the real thing. All blinds are handmade in the United States.

• One-Way View Windows
• Silent Window Operation
• Bow or Rifle Compatible
• Blacked-Out Interior
• Six Windows
• UV Safe
• Fully Insulated
• Locking Door
• Fully Carpeted Floor
• Drainage System
• Integrated Stake
• Hidden Dome Roof
• Accommodates two to three hunters

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