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Muck Boot Company Woody Sport Cool

The new Woody Sport Cool boots are designed to keep a hunter's feet cool and dry in warm weather conditions.


Muck Boot Company has introduced its new Cool Series with XpressCool technology, a line that's designed to keep a hunter's feet cool and dry in warm weather.

Featuring an evaporative, cooling liner, the Woody Sport Cool boot will be effective in warm and cold climates alike—in warm weather it'll provide a cooling effect, and in cold weather it will keep moisture away from the foot. The XpressCool fabric pulls moisture away from the skin, as the lining absorbs and spreads the moisture back out across the boot.

The Woody Sport Cool boots are designed for all terrain hunting, and are engineered with 100 percent waterproof materials. They're meant to be ideal for any type of condition, including swampy areas, streams or wet tall grass. They come with a Mossy Oak camouflage pattern.


• 100% waterproof to top of boot
• Blocks human scent
• Available up to men’s size 15
• Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage
• Comfort range 60°F to -40°F
• Available in men’s sizes (5-15) & women’s sizes (6-13)
• Suggested retail price: $154.95

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