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Millennium Treestands Unveils the M25

The M25 Hangon Stand by Millenium Treestands is great for any on-the-move hunter.


For hunters that like to stay where the action is, and are always on the move, the M25 Hangon Stand from Millennium Treestands is the perfect choice. The lightweight structure and design allows you to sneak into areas that would be more difficult for other stands. The M25 weighs 17 lbs., and comes with a Silent Hunt Design. The stand has a ComfortMax Seat, a 24-inch by 30-inch platform and a 20-inch by 17-inch seat, giving every hunter the comfort and space to maneuver in the stand to make the perfect shot. The M25 comes with a three-year warranty and has an MSRP of $99.95.

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