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MidwayUSA Brand Shotgun Sling

MidwayUSA has introduced its own heavy-duty, nylon shotgun sling.


MidwayUSA has expanded its line of branded products by adding a new MidwayUSA brand shotgun sling.

The heavy-duty nylon sling is adjustable from 36" to 52" and measures 2" wide. The coated sling swivel links are designed to stand up to the elements and keep the sling in working order. The elastic shell loops hold an additional 15 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition. The spring-gated, snap link swivels make attaching and detaching quick and easy to standard sling swivels.

The sling also doubles as strap for a shotgun case.

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1 Response to MidwayUSA Brand Shotgun Sling

Left Coast Chuck wrote:
August 27, 2012

a SKU number would be nice so that when going to the Midway website we could just call up the product rather than searching through the many slings that Midway stocks