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KA-BAR Releases 13 New Knives for 2013

KA-BAR, celebrating its 115th anniversary in 2013, has announced the released of 13 new knives and four accessories.


KA-BAR knives, now celebrating its 115th anniversary, has announced the release of 13 new knives for 2013.

The company's Zombie line will add five new knives: two fixed blades and three folders. The largest Zombie fixed blade is the 5706 Swabbie, which measures 18" overall and features a 12 ½" SK5 blade.

The Johnson Adventure Blades line will release the new Gamestalker, an 8" fixed blade featuring a 4" 440A stainless steel blade. It will debut in April 2013 and is 100 percent American made. Becker Knife & Tool will add the BK10 Crewman and the BK24 D'Eskabar to its roster.

Also joining the ranks is the TDI Law Enforcement Master Key, an entry-tool styled piece of 1095 cro-van steel that measures 13". The Master Key can be used as a pry bar in addition to the axe-like 4" blade. KA-BAR will also be releasing a commemorative fighting/utility knife in celebration of its anniversary, a new Coppersmith series, and six new folding knives of varying lengths.

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1 Response to KA-BAR Releases 13 New Knives for 2013

Tristan wrote:
April 30, 2013

I'm lookin for a good knife that is even with the blade and handle. I want to be able to stick it in my boot while hunting