Hornady Issues Ammunition Recall

Hornady has issued a recall on seven lots of 500 S&W 300 grain FTX Custom pistol ammo.


Hornady Manufacturing has announced the recall of seven lots of 500 S&W 300 gr. FTX Custom pistol ammunition.

Hornady ballisticians have found that some cartridges from the lots numbered 3101327, 3110256, 3110683, 3110695, 3110945, 3111388, 3111885 may exhibit excessive chamber pressures.

The use of any cartridge from those lots could result in personal injury or damage to a firearm. All lots were shipped between Sept. 9, 2010 and Oct. 17, 2011. Lot numbers are printed on the lower portion of the Hornady box label.

Hornady has announced it will make all arrangements associated with the return and replacement of its products. If you own cartridges from any of the lots listed or have questions regarding the product, call 800-338-1242.

Lot Numbers:

- 3101327
- 3110256
- 3110683
- 3110695
- 3110945
- 3111388
- 3111885

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