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New Covert SLS Crossbow Unveiled By Carbon Express

The Covert SLS will offer a slim design and adjustable deployment options.


Carbon Express has expanded its crossbow line with the addition of the new Covert SLS.

A slim-line designed crossbow created for compact comfort, the Covert SLS is meant to allow easy maneuvering from ground blinds and treestands alike. It incorporates a Picatinny mounting system with an adjustable forearm and mounting grip—ensuring that the bow is adjustable for a variety of shooting styles and environments.

The Covert SLS comes with a quick detach 3-arrow quiver, three exclusive crossbolts, a deluxe lighted scope, rail lubricant and more.

Feet Per Second: 355
Kinetic Energy: 119 ft-lb
Draw Weight: 185 lbs
Power Stroke: 13”

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2 Responses to New Covert SLS Crossbow Unveiled By Carbon Express

John wrote:
October 08, 2012

A nice sharp broadhead

David Pittman wrote:
August 08, 2012

What are the yardage marks or redicles marks set at 20 30 40 50 4x32 scope.What is the best broadhead for this bow